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How to Make Your Home a School
Dianne Wilton

The Kitchen Table Classroom, written by Dianne Wilton and published by Temeron/Detselig Enterprises, empowers parents to become meaningfully involved in the education of their children. It provides practical suggestions to enrich existing school-based programs and discusses various options for responsible home schooling experiences.

The Kitchen Table Classroom has an enjoyable down-to-earth format with chapter headings which remind us of everyday opportunities for learning. Specific suggestions weave arithmetic, reading and writing into daily activities. History, geography and science activities are described, from popbottle greenhouses and flour contour maps to the exploration of rock structures and outer space. It details various art techniques such as sculpting and printmaking, along with workable recipes. Covering these categories in depth, The Kitchen Table Classroom then spins this kaleidoscope into personalized themes, blending the basics of education with exciiting hands-on projects to acquire a fuller and richer appreciation of the world.

Tidbits and hints are interspersed throughout this book, and games and projects are presented to keep motivation high. At the same time, The Kitchen Table Classroom bases its ideas on current education methodology, working upon success, sensitive to different learning styles, and recognizing individual family lifestyles. The book provides diagrams and charts to sequence skills and monitor progress. It also lists support groups along with contacts for other resources and materials.

Dianne Wilton's book is a unique guide, enabling us to keep the fun in learning while providing sound educational experiences. By ensuring that our children enjoy their search for knowledge, The Kitchen Table Classroom sets the groundwork for a life-long adventure.

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