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How to Order

If you've tried and enjoyed some of our tips and tidbits, you may be interested
in ordering a copy of the book that inspired this site, The Kitchen Table Classroom, by Dianne Wilton.
Although we are not able to fill orders from this site, there are several ways you can obtain a copy.
(ISBN 1-55059-199-1, copyright 2000, paperback, 112 pages with illustrations)

Contact your local book or toy stores. If they do not have a copy, they will often be happy to special order.

Order online in Canada at, where The Kitchen Table Classroom is recommended in August 2000's special feature, "Homeschooling for Success". Click on the banner or link at the bottom of any page to be taken directly to the appropriate screen.
In the USA, order online at

Contact the publisher, Temeron/Detselig Enterprises, directly (this is most useful for stores, libraries, or others needing more than one copy, or for those ordering outside Canada).

Thank you for your interest in The Kitchen Table Classroom.
We hope we can help you make your home a school and keep the fun in learning!

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