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It's always fun to learn new ways to multiply. Lattice multiplication was a method used a long time ago. Try it!

1 Draw diagonals on graph paper or draw your own lattice.

2 Write one of the numbers to be multiplied above the lattice, each digit above a square.

3 Write the other number vertically, along the right-hand edge of the lattice, again placing each digit next to a square.

(See an example on the right, where we will be multiplying 378 times 43).
4 Multiply the digits, placing the products within the grid.

(In the top right box of our example, 8 times 4 equals 32, so we put the 3 above the diagonal and the 2 below the diagonal).
5 Now, add the partial products from right to left, along the diagonals.

(4=4, 2+2+1=5, and so on.)

6 Read the product down the left-hand edge and across the bottom of the lattice.

(The product is 16 254!)

7 Try another one!

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