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Together, make a collection of question cards, based on the topic you are learning about. Number the cards and make a corresponding answer sheet for checking the responses.

Draw lines on the sidewalk or grass, following the diagram below, and place the pile of cards face down in the center. (You might prefer to make a board game.)

All players stand at the center line, facing the goal toward which they are heading. A referee turns over and calls out the question on the first card to the first player. If answered correctly, that player then tosses a dice, and moves that many spaces toward his goal. If his answer is incorrect he loses his turn and the next players, in turn, may answer the question and move according to his dice throw. Turns continue in a systematic fashion.

The goal is to reach your goal line first.

This game is also great for practicing spelling. Just have the stack of words at the center line. The referee calls out each word as he turns a card over, and the players continue to move as above.

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