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Fish Addition!

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The purpose of the original game "Go Fish" is to collect sets of four (four "sixes", four "threes", etc.) In this new version, Fish Addition, the goal is to collect three numbers which make an addition number sentence. For example: 2, 3, and 5 completes a sum.

Each player is given 7 cards (face cards removed) and the remaining cards are left in a pile upside down on the table. From his selection of seven cards, the first player lays down any 3 cards which show an addition number sentence, using each card only once. He can then ask another player for any number he needs toward making another sum. If that person has the number asked for, he must pass it over. If not, he says "Go Fish" and the first player then takes the top card from the center pile. If he gets the number asked for from the pile, he continues his turn, asking for another number. If not, his turn is over and the next player may lay down his addition sentences and ask for a needed number.

If a player runs out of cards, he takes a single one from the top of the pile and the game continues.

When all cards have been removed from the center pile, the winner is the player who has created the most sums.

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