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Should 6 Media become 6 Arts?

Should we change the 6 Media courses name into the 6 Arts courses?

This website began as a resource for the Journalism and Writing students, but of course, it has expanded well beyond that now. Most students involved in this site are taking a course for their "arts" credits. Does it then make sense to change the name of the site, to reflect the change in its mandate?

On the other hand, some of you may have become comfortable with the title. What's in a name? Perhaps more than we expect - an artist will certainly appreciate the importance of branding, of the signature. The title has, in a way, become the signature of the site. Yet should we let that rule, even if some find the name misleading?

This question will be tossed around through the summer. It won't necessarily be a binding vote, but it is your site and you have a say. Take a moment now and record your own thoughts below, or see what others say.

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